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cover art Gilli Smyth
Politico/Historico/Spirito (CD only)
Voiceprint VP185CD || 1994 || £2.98 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

Companion CD of exclusive Gilli related tracks.

Absolutely the last few copies, found in a Voiceprint cupboard. Produced to accompany the initial run of her Historico, Politico, Spirito book on the History of Gong. Offered here for any of you who have purchased the book alone and want to complete the package.

Comes in a zip-seal plastic bag with a self-adhesive strip so you can attach it to the inside of the book.

You will also be able to buy the book and CD together in the book section…

  1. Intro [1'16] - Flash
  2. Voice over about Book I [0'25]
  3. I am a Witch - Live with Stillborn Frog [2'48] (1993)
  4. Jam with Mother Gong [3.58] (1989)
  5. Voice over about Book II [0'40]
  6. Today is Beautiful - Live with Melbourne band Brejaden [3'20] (1993)
  7. Outro [2'34]