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artwork House of Thandoy
House of Thandoy
HOT 1 || 2003 || $ | | ¥ +p&p

…another group with Mike Howlett?

Very well recorded space-funk psychedelic grooves by Mike and mates - a most welcome addition to what is going on around the Gong multiverse these days. If you like what he does at the heart of Gong and want to be in at the very beginning of something new then here it is.

Guitarist Steve Higgins spirals out with the best of them and drummer Eddy locks into the groove with Mike as if he's always been there. Add the bonus of Gong's Theo Travis guesting some of the tracks and the whole thing really starts to cook. It has some of the sensibilities of 'Shamal' era Gong but with the smooth funkability of the 2001 Gong touring line-up. You are going to be very plesantly surprised by the wealth of good music here.

Comes in a plastic sleeve with a beautiful very colourful 4 page 'booklet'. The net result of this is that the postage will be cheaper than automatically quoted by the bazaar.

Listener comments:
"what a blissful CD…!!! I just can't stop playing it. To me the best Gong-related item since OK Friends. Hope you're selling much of them to allow the musicians to give us a continuation to this delight. This should be sold in drugstores to recover all depressive people on Earth…" ;o) - Benoit
"motoring music for the scottish highlands…" - blaiddwyn

All songs by Higgins/Howlett/Sayer, except 1 and 3 by Higgins/Howlett/Sayer/Travis.

Tracks: [29'38] - mp3 jukebox
  1. Raga 99 [2'43]
  2. Dreamcatcher [5'00]
  3. Fast 4 Word [4'01]
  4. Deep Float [4'24]
  5. Station, Part 1 [5'01]
  6. Station, Part 2 [4'39]
  7. Nightline [3'53]
Personnel: "…meet in a melt-down of Trance-Formational Journey Musics, presenting a sizzling psychedelic music trio, playing modes of expanding themes, trance grooves and cosmic trips… Flying Space Funk, Random Access Grooves, Post-Orgasmic Deep Float"
  • Steve Higgins {electric guitar, vocals, synth} - Karmakanix), Thandoy, Amoda and the Tranceformers (Ecstasy), Guitar Fever (Blow the Night Away); Steve Thandoy (Indivisible), Invisible Music
  • Mike Howlett {bass guitar, voice, engineering} - Gong (73-76 and 1996-2001), Strontium 90
  • Eddy Sayer {drums, percussion} - Lights in a Fat City (Somewhere, Sound Column and Memory Ground), Stillpoint (Maps Without Edges), Drummers of Burundi, Aboriginal Elder Burnham Burnham, Oladun, Courtney Pine, Michael and Mark Mondesir, B.J. Cole, Third Ear Band; Eddy Sayer (Human Tuning)
  • Theo Travis {sax} - Gong, Cipher, Marshall/Travis/Wood