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HOT 2 || 2006-11 || $ | | ¥ +p&p

(Sorry, currently unavailable.)

The long awaited second helping...

A selection of improvisations recorded between 2004 and 2006 at Mike Howlett's Cyber Roost and Resident Studios, London. The space-funky bass lines that only Mike can birth merge with precise grooves of Here & Now's Steve Cassidy on drums while with all manner of new and familiar guitar sounds intertwine thanks to the fingers of Steve Higgins. An excellent follow-up to the first HOT CD.

Comes in a plastic sleeve with a simple folded insert, so postage will be cheaper than that automatically quoted by the bazaar. All songs by Higgins/Howlett/Cassidy.

Tracks: [41'15]
  1. Shake Yer Bizkit [5'32]
  2. Rubber Jelly [8'24]
  3. The Velvet Sofa [4'53]
  4. Alternatum [6'07]
  5. Gear Shift [5'32]
  6. A Deeper Float [6'30]
  7. Sketches of Acton [3'53]

  • Steve Higgins - electric guitar and shaker
  • Mike Howlett - bass guitar and switch doctoring
  • Steve Cassidy - drums, percussion and programming