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InVerse Gravity Vehicle

Cygnus & The White Sow

Levity Disc 5 (2014)

An extraordinary offering - an album of dark, truthful, beauty. Deborah with help from Jwa (Joie Hinton) seers through the mists of Avalon, tells it how it is, how it was, and how it might be…. Part extraordinary kind of environmental Ghost Dance of longing, part sort of early experimental synth album/art installation. This album is like you'd imagine what tuning into recordings of the thought forms of the lost and found souls of Glastonbury itself might be like, or even the stones and land itself - it's by turns beautiful and hallucinatory, revelatory and uncomfortable. One-time pressing of 500 copies in a slip-case with a beautiful illustration by Deborah (it reminds me a little of Saucerful of Secrets). The first 100 will come with a printed A4 double-sided illustrated lyric/info sheet. This release is in support of the S.E.G. or Searl Effect Generator (Technolgy of the Four Colours).

'Here We Are On The Pig Farm' is inspired by, well, time on a pig farm and all that conjures up in the consciousness. The similarities between humans and pigs are many, as evidenced by the quest to use them to 'repair' us. Physiologically that may be feasible, but energetically and etherically - well, hmmmmm, not so sure about that.

In many myths and legends Ceridwen, keeper of The Sacred Circle or Cauldron revealed herself as a white sow...the pig or wild boar was the totem beast of the Goddess of Life, death and regeneration. The Boar has destinctive pyschopomp attributes, with tusks shaped like crescent moons.

Ceridwen, Taliesin, Robert Graves, Gilli'S-Myth, Gong and Mothergong - it's a path of light and dark - Here We Are on The Pig Farm. But what do we see? All this bares closer investigation. Space-rock it ain't.


  1. Here We Are On The Pig Farm Jwa (rhythm synths), Deborah (synths, vocals, lyrics)
  2. Enviromental Activism Jwa (synths), Deborah (synths)
  3. Hear Your Way Deborah (synths, vocals, lyrics)
  4. When The Last Eagle Flys Deborah (synths)
  5. If Pigs Could Fly Jwa (rhythm synths), Deborah (synths, vocals, lyrics)
  6. This End Of The World Thing Deborah (synths, vocals)
  7. Psychopomp Deborah (synths), Jwa (synths)
  8. Path Of The Heart Deborah (synths)
  9. Great Solution Let's Have A Cup Of Tea Deborah (synths, vocal effects), Jwa (synths)


  • Deborah
  • Jwa (Joie Hinton)