planet gong bazaar
artwork Kevin Kendle
Deep Skies 5: Illumination
w/Brian Abbott, Nigel Shaw
Eventide EMDS05 | 2014

(Sorry, all gone.)

As innovative and as chilled out deep space sounds as you could possibly desire

The next installment of Kevin Kendle's highly regarded deepest ambient musical journey.

For any of you who have been previous deep skies voyagers - this release reaches and surpasses all expectations. Just 20 copies available.

Jewel-case with an 8 page booklet.

Other CDs in the series: Deep Skies 1: Light From Orion, Deep Skies 2: Lagoon Of Eternity, Deep Skies 3: Light From The Pleiades, Deep Skies 4: Light From Andromeda

Tracks: [60'17]
  1. Emergence [7'28]
  2. Divine Connection [8'43]
  3. Arc [7'31]
  4. Celestial Heart [8'03]
  5. Ancestral Calling [8'34]
  6. Inscape [9'37]
  7. Infinite Wisdom [9'00]
  • Kevin Kendle {Synths, Sequencers, Moog, ARP, Diva, MV choir, Programming}
  • Brian Abbott {Glissando Guitar, Gliss Loops, Lead Guitar, Ambient Guitar, Guitar FX}
  • Nigel Shaw {Guitar treatments}