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InVerse Gravity Vehicle


Levity Disc 4

The dynamic duo strike again, with help from some friends you may know. Double album - I.G.V.'s third offering - inspired by the invention of The Searl Effect Generator (S.E.G) and Inverse Gravity Vehicle (I.G.V). The group hope to raise awareness and funding for the S.E.G. and I.G.V. through musical interviews (levity discs 1 and 2), and songs of Prof. J.R.R. Searl (Magnetizer). 'Through the eyes of a child' - (the re-occurring childhood dreams that led to the invention of the S.E.G. and I.G.V. 'The Ring Of Fire' (dream of 'the know how', for Inverse Gravity Vehicle Magnetizer. 'The Healing Machine' (my dream of his machine). For real life account of healing machine, see video section/other - 'Obsidian'. A pressing of 500 in a double jewel-case.


disc 1

  1. Magnetizer
  2. Predator Control
  3. Squares and The Healing Machine
  4. I.G.V & The Ring of Fire
  5. Through the Eyes of a Child
  6. Relative Zero
  7. Medicine of the Bird
  8. Pansappho
  9. Money can't buy Dimensions
  10. Propolis
  11. Without Thorns
  12. Divine Desire
  13. Neodymium
  14. Learn by Heart the Rhythm

disc 2

  1. Fragments of Love
  2. Kri
  3. More than Stardust
  4. Alright Giza
  5. Friendly Fire
  6. Ideogram
  7. Tough Love
  8. Naughty Naughty Saucers
  9. Pot Bellied Pigs Can Fly
  10. The Never Darkness
  11. I Follow the Eagle
  12. Rapper Slapper


  • Deborah Knight S.E.G. synthesizers, vocals, lyrics
  • Jwa (Joie) Hinton S.E.G. synthesizers, vocals
  • Prof. J.R.R. Searl I.G.V. pilot, S.E.G. Words of Wisdom
  • Keith 'the Missile Bass' Bailey bass
  • Tom Billings piano
  • L.L.B. vocals, lyrics, viola
  • Howard Green bass, guitar, cello, programming
  • Will Greenwood guitar
  • Steffe Sharpstrings guitar
  • Luke Tunney trumpet, programming
  • Ed Wynne guitar