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The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet

The Bardo of Becoming

Dakini Records DKRCD113 (2020)

The continuation… some of the tranformative aims of the Bardo Thodrol made music. Named after the fourth Bardo, or 'intermediate state' between death and rebirth, this album demonstrates the Invisibles' aspirations and their continuing development as a band as they strive to achieve them. The musical reference points for the first 4 tracks contain enjoyable echoes of Deya-esque Gong Family recordings, Here & Now, Caravan and Curved Air - all admiral references. Very well recorded, mixed and mastered by the production team of Brian Abbott and Dave Kendall. It's an enjoyably brave album which will reward engagement. Tri-fold didgi-pak with 4 page full colour booklet

Tracks five to 9 are deeper fare. A elemental sonic journey through 'The Four Fearsomes' no less, until you emerge slightly breathless at the revelations of tracks 10 and 11.


  1. Dissolution
  2. Song of the Bardo
  3. World of the Living
  4. The Little Deaths
  5. The Collapsing Mountain (Earth)
  6. An Engulfing Ocean (Water)
  7. A Blazing Inferno (Fire)
  8. A Gusting Whirlwind (Air)
  9. The Three Abysses, part 1
  10. The Three Abysses, part 2
  11. The Approaching


  • Brian Abbott acoustic and electric guitar, gliss guitar, tibetan bowls, gong, vocals, all compositions
  • Jackie Juno lead vocals, tibetan bowls
  • Julian Veasy keyboards
  • Phil Whitehouse bass
  • Viv Goodwin Darke flute, vocals
  • Tracey Austin drums, glockenspiel
  • Nigel Shaw tibetan bowls
  • Saff Juno-Abbott vocals on 11
  • Dave Kendall synth sequence on 3
  • Produced by Dave Kendall and Brian Abbott