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Various Artists
Invisible Music Collection, Volume 1
2005 || £8.51 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

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Very good guitar-rich collection from Karmakanix/House of Thandoy mainman.

One of things I like about being at the helm of the good ship GAS is the previously unheard good music that turns up unexpectedly from members of the extended 'family'. Over the past few months House of Thandoy guitarist Steve Higgins has been combing through his tape archives and has put together a very good selection of music he has recorded or been deeply involved with over the past 20 years. It's CD which I know is bound to delight many of you, especially the guitarists. The only familiar music included is the smooth, space-funk psychedelic grooves of the 3 'House of Thandoy' tracks

I hope there are many more of these excellent tracks for future release on Volumes 2, 3, etc. If they are of the quality of the music on this CD then they deserve to see the light of day and be heard.

The CD comes in a plastic wallet with a well printed 4 page cover with all the track and personnel details.

The Invisible Jukebox

Tracks: [59'16]
  1. Gourishanker [12'43] (Steve Higgins)
  2. Bell Street Blues [4'23] (Guitar Fever)
  3. Fullmoon Night [3'59] (Guitar Fever)
  4. Santosh [3'06] (Thandoy)
  5. Bide Our Time [4'13] (Thandoy)
  6. Fast 4 Word [4'02] (House of Thandoy)
  7. Blow the Night Away [3'38] (Guitar Fever)
  8. Raga 99 [2'44] (House of Thandoy)
  9. Dreamcatcher [5'01] (House of Thandoy)
  10. Nisimo [3'19] (Thandoy)
  11. Wind on the Water [3'54] (Guitar Fever)
  12. Slow Wave [8'22] (Thandoy)
  • Steve Higgins {Guitars, bass, zither, synth, percussion}, Ravi {Bongos, percussion}
  • Guitar Fever: Steve Higgins {Guitars, mandolin, vocals}, Rupert Webster {Guitar}, Brian Diprose {Bass}, Al Savage {Drums}, A J Murray {Slide guitar}
  • House of Thandoy: Steve Higgins {Guitars}, Mike Howlett {Bass}, Eddy Sayer {Drums}, Theo Travis {Sax}
  • Thandoy: Steve Higgins {Guitars, piano}, Subs {Bass}, Harry Rix {Drums, percussion}, Eddy Sayer {Drums}