planet gong bazaar

artwork Invisible Opera Company of Tibet (Tropical Version, Brazil)
UFO Planante
Voiceprint VPB125CD || 2010 || $ | | ¥ +p&p

Invisible psychedelic power trio par exellence stretch out.

Fabio and our Brazilian brothers come up with the goods once more. A smooth Floydian, Porcupine Tree-ish, spacerock jamming, gliss-tinged (sometimes beautifully gliss drenched) psychedelic power trio that really groove. Fabio's guitar playing is as melodically inventive and uplifting as always and is both achored and inspired upwards by some inventive bass and drums. It's a very enjoyable journey and I am as always delighted that they are in our family.

Also back in stock after a long absence is The Invisible Opera Company's Glissando Spirit Live CD

Tracks: [70'10]
  1. First Contact (C.O.I.T.) [27'16] - YouTube : live version, 10:51
  2. Sal Paradise (Fernando Alge) [9'50]
  3. Stars (Fabio Golfetti) [3'02]
  4. Spirits (Fabio Golfetti) [3'15]
  5. Landing in Shambala (C.O.I.T.) [11'36] - listen out, 1:36
  6. Moon in June (Live) (Robert Wyatt) [15'11] - YouTube - live version : part 1, 8:42+part 2, 4:34
  • Fabio Golfetti {Guitar and vocals}
  • Gabriel Costa {Bass}
  • Fred Barley {Drums and vocals}