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Invisible Opera Company of Tibet

Surfing the Wave of the Mystery

Dakini DKRCD??? (20190

Live at Kozfest 2018. Featuring Andy Bole, Mike Howlett and Tim Hawthorn. Dancing trousers on…hHot, sizzling high summer multi-track recording from the legendary Kozfest. Colourful card digipak.


  1. Now IOCOT
  2. Stoned innocent Frankenstein Allen
  3. Wake Up Whitehouse/ICON
  4. Temple Song Abbott/Juno
  5. Can't Kill Me Allen
    1. Magick Mother Invocation COIT
    2. Master Builder Juno/COIT
  6. Circle Intro Veasy/Abbott
  7. Circle Around Trad/IOCOT
  8. Bad Self Hawthorn


  • Brian Abbott guitar, glissando guitar, backing vocals, lead vocal 5
  • Jackie Juno lead vocals, percussion
  • Julian Veasy keyboards, synths
  • Phil Whithouse bass
  • Trina McDougal backing vocals, percussion
  • Andy Bole guitar, glissando guitar 5 6 8 9
  • Mike Howlett bass 6 8
  • Tim Hawthorn vocals 9