planet gong bazaar


Invisible Opera Company of Tibet

Go Totally Bananas!

Dakini DKRCD105 (2006)

Great sounding bonkers document of bonkers tour. Live 1994 Invisibles with daevid allen and Rusell Hibbs guesting. A one time GAS tape brought all lickity-spit into CD-land by Brian Abbott. The 1994 Spring Tour with daevid, Russell Hibbs, the Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet with yours truly and Laurence 'Winnie the Pooh' Monk along for the ride, was crazy from beginning to end, a small book should one day be written.

It was not the usual tale of rock'n'roll excess (when is it ever around Gong), but a time of fairy spirals in the road, meeting elemental beings in the audience, the power of prayer over the internal combustion engine (well most of the time), stage nakedness, tree hugging, and the first manifestation of Mr Pop-Off Cock. Maybe it was because later that year we held the Gong 25th Birthday Party and PHPs were around, or maybe if you invoke the deities with full-on spacey power-pop anything can happen. Well it did and the exuberance of those adventures flows through on this great live compilation - or perhaps you just had to be there.


  1. Invocation to the Spirits of Uncommon Sense Young/IOCT
  2. Chernobyl Rain Russell Hibbs
  3. Mysteries Tim Hall
  4. Bonsoir IOCT
  5. Music, Power, Medicine Jim Peters
  6. Clarence Kevin Ayers
  7. Goddess Dub Traditional/IOCT
  8. All Coming True Jim Peters
  9. Bad Self Tim Hall
  10. Om Mani Padme Hum Traditional/IOCT
  11. Circle Around Traditional/IOCT
  12. Banana Reggae daevid allen


  • tracks 1 11 : The Hub, Bath
  • tracks 2 5 6 8 9 : The Boatrace, Cambridge
  • track 3 : The Riverside, Norwich
  • tracks 4 10 12 : The Powerhaus, London
  • track 7 : King Tut's Wah-Wah Hut, Glasgow


  • Brian Abbott guitar, vocals, gliss guitar
  • Tim Hall bass, vocals
  • Steve Hickson drums
  • Jim Peters keyboards, acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Ruz Hibbs vocals 10 11 12
  • daevid allen gliss guitar 11, vocals 11 12
  • Ali Young cosmic dancer, vocals 1