planet gong bazaar

Invisible Opera Company of Tibet

Live at Sonic Rock Solstice 2011

Dakini DKRCD107 (2011)

Very well recorded tight, live Invisibops. Excellent surprise release. Recorded at everybody's favourite home-grown festival earlier this year (remember small is beautiful chaps - keep it small). Spacey, rocky, funny, optimistic album - all you would expect from a Invisible band, whatever form they take - and of course there is more than a lick or two of deep Gongishness here and there, and especially in a very good version of 'Tried So Hard'. Full colour gatefold card sleeve.

Also available directly from the Invisibles themselves at:-
Tracks: [44'00"]
  1. Now! [9'26"] (tIOCoT)
  2. Mysteries [3'50"] (T. Hall)
  3. Gateway to the Dead [4'58] - (J.Juno/B.Abbott)
  4. Bad Self [5'01"] (T. Hall)
  5. Radio Gnome Intro [0'42"] (D. Allen)
  6. Tried So Hard [4'50"] (C. Tristch/D. Allen)
  7. Temple Song [9'34"] - (J.Juno/B.Abbott)
  8. Spirit of Joy [5'39"] - (A. Brown/M. Oakey-Harris/P.Curtis)
  • Brian 'Zero' Abbott {guitar, gliss guitar, backing vox}
  • Jackie Juno {lead vox, tinkle tonk, percussion}
  • Clive 'Kinski' Buckland-Bork {keys, samples, loops and intros}
  • Phil O'Sophical Curtis {bassage}
  • Dan'tastic Barber {drummage}
  • Trina McTeabag {backing vocals, percussion}