planet gong bazaar

artwork Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet
Live @ Sonic Rock Solstice 2011
Dakini Records DKRCD107 || 11.2011 || $ | | ¥ +p&p

Very well recorded tight, live Invisibops

Excellent surprise release. Recorded at everybody's favourite home-grown festival earlier this year (remember small is beautiful chaps - keep it small). Spacey, rocky, funny, optimistic album - all you would expect from a Invisible band, whatever form they take - and of course there is more than a lick or two of deep Gongishness here and there, and especially in a very good version of 'Tried So Hard'.

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Tracks: [44'00"]
  1. Now! [9'26"] (tIOCoT)
  2. Mysteries [3'50"] (T. Hall)
  3. Gateway to the Dead [4'58] - (J.Juno/B.Abbott)
  4. Bad Self [5'01"] (T. Hall)
  5. Radio Gnome Intro [0'42"] (D. Allen)
  6. Tried So Hard [4'50"] (C. Tristch/D. Allen)
  7. Temple Song [9'34"] - (J.Juno/B.Abbott)
  8. Spirit of Joy [5'39"] - (A. Brown/M. Oakey-Harris/P.Curtis)
  • Brian 'Zero' Abbott {guitar, gliss guitar, backing vox}
  • Jackie Juno {lead vox, tinkle tonk, percussion}
  • Clive 'Kinski' Buckland-Bork {keys, samples, loops and intros}
  • Phil O'Sophical Curtis {bassage}
  • Dan'tastic Barber {drummage}
  • Trina McTeabag {backing vocals, percussion}