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Invisible Opera Company of Tibet

Songs From The Temple Of Now

Dakini DKRCD108

'Invisible' studio adventure from Devon's finest, with dynamically venerable psychedelic guest vocalists daevid allen and Arthur Brown. Gatefold card sleeve. Track 2 also appears on the limited edition vinyl Tried So Hard single.

daevid allen features as guest lead vocalist on 'Tried So Hard, a track previously only available on the limited 7" single of the same name, and there is also a daevid lead vocal-less band version. A similar arrangement holds true for the track on which Arthur Brown guests, 'Spirit Of Joy'. Which reminds me, to remind you that the Invisibles bass player, Phil Curtis used to play in Kingdom Come - hence the Arthur Brown connection.


  1. Spirit Of Joy (Band Version) A. Brown/M. Oakey-Harris/P.Curtis
  2. Tried So Hard d. allen/C. Tritch
  3. Lilith B. Abbott/J. Juno
  4. Temple Song B. Abbott/J. Juno
  5. Gateway To The Dead B. Abbott/J. Juno
  6. Tried So Hard (Band Version) d. allen/C. Tritch
  7. Now IOCT
  8. Spirit Of Joy A. Brown/M. Oakey-Harris/P.Curtis


  • Brian Abbott: guitar, glissando guitar, 12‑string guitar, backing vocals
  • Jackie Juno: lead vocals, backing vocals, percussion, Tibetan bell
  • Clive Buckland-Bork: keyboards, synthesizers
  • Phil Curtis: bass
  • Dan Barber: drums
  • Trina McDougal: backing vocals
  • daevid allen vocals on 2, backing vocals on 6
  • Arthur Brown vocals on 8