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artwork Kangaroo Moon
Ironworks EP
Kangaroo Moon | 2011-06

(Sorry, all gone.)

Limited pressing of 200 - I have 10 copies

Mature moonie magic

Unbelievably it's been 10 years since the last Kangaroo Moon album, and although we don't quite have that new album in our hands yet, we have this grand sounding melodic halfway point destined to keeps all marsipual Selenites languidly happy. I'm told this is half of the next album and that it will be finished soon - that may well be so, but to be sure you keep abreast of developments I'd grab one of the few copies of this release, pressed to sell at Glastonbury Festival, as we all know things have a way of changing…

Regular CD in a jewel case.

Tracks: [26'39]
  1. Blowie/Suckie [7'06] (D. Williams/M. Robson)
  2. Ironworks [7'18] (Kangaroo Moon)
  3. Margherita/Creech Hill [4'23] (D. Williams/M. Robson)
  4. Dna/The Ribbons of the Redheaded Girl [6'49] (Kangaroo Moon/Trad)
  • Mark Robson {keys, whistles, didgeridoo}
  • Elliet Mackrell {violin, Viola, trumpet, didgeridoo}
  • David Williams {bouzouki, mandolin, guitar, percussion, kalimba}
  • Nick Marshall {guitar, double bass, bass, percussion, drums}
  • Myke Vince {drums, percussion}