planet gong bazaar


I See You

Snapper Records / Madfish SMACD1023 (20140

Studio recordings… and sadly daevid and Gilli's last Gong album - and what a way to bow out! There is so much to enjoy on this album of many levels, with stunningly good tracks, that I cannot imagine any Gong devotee will be disappointed. The samples sing out for themselves, and I could have easily chosen almost any random minutes from the tracks and the quality would shine through.

Packaging is a digipak affair with an illustrated 28 page booklet which the label call a 'media pack' - no I have no idea either what that is, but there's lots of it and it looks very stylish. Also available on limited edition vinyl LP

Tracks: [62.37]
  1. I See You [3'33] (d. allen, O. Allen, D. Sturt)
  2. Occupy [2'54] (d. allen, I. East, D. Sturt)
  3. When God Shakes Hands With The Devil [5'40] (d. allen, K. Torabi)
  4. The Eternal Wheel Spins [7'04] (F. Golfetti, O. Allen)
  5. Syllabub [4'32] (d. allen, D. Sturt, I. East)
  6. This Revolution [3'50] (d. allen, D. Sturt, I. East)
  7. You See Me [2'40] (d. allen, O. Allen, D. Sturt, I. East, F. Golfetti, K. Torabi)
  8. Zion My T-shirt [6'18] (d. allen, D. Sturt)
  9. Pixielation [4'42] (I. East, d. allen)
  10. A Brew Of Special Tea [1'22] (O. Allen)
  11. Thank You [10'35] (d. allen)
  12. Shakti Yoni & Dingo Virgin [9'30] (d. allen, G. Smyth)
  • Flamedog Alien: beat/crash/kick/vocal - aka Orlando Allen {drums, vocals on 'The Eternal Wheel Spins'}
  • Unicorn Strut: bass & invisible operas - aka Dave Sturt {bass & computer samples}
  • Spiral K. Octoflash: crunchbox & scythe guitar - aka Kavus Tobabi {neoprog smart guitar}
  • Fabuloso Golfcart: winged guitars/glissando - aka Fabio Golfetti {guitars, old school psych solos & glissando}
  • Eastwinds i.e. Windows: saxo/flutes/lungs - aka Ian East {saxs, flute}
  • Dada Ali: bi-focal local vocals 'n' gliss - aka daevid allen {gliss guitar and vocals}
Special Guests:
  • Gilli Smyth {sprinkled space whisper}
Some production credits:
  • Engineered, mixed and produced by Orlando Monday Allen at Flamedog Records Studios and the Bananamoon Observatory Studios Australia.
  • Additional production by Dave Sturt and daevid allen.
  • Mastered by Udi Koomran at Ginger Studio, Tel Aviv (Additional production on daevid's vocal on Track 11, 'Thank You').
  • Rhythm section for tracks 1,2,4,7,9,11, recorded by Alex Angeloni, at Mosh Studios, Sâo Paulo, Brazil.
  • All saxes and woodwinds recorded remotely by Ian East in his own studio.
  • Gliss Guitar on 'Shakti Yoni and Dingo Virgin' recorded by Toby Robinson at Moat Studios, London, UK.