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artwork Kangaroo Moon
The Way It Is CD
KM07 | 21.6.2015

Horray a Kangaroo Moon album no less! The first this century. May there be many more before the end of 2099.

A classic Moonie mixture of poignant/aware Mark Robson songs, some nicely fluffy, stoner even (if it's not an contradiction) jigs and reels and some acousto-spacey explorations, a bit of Eastern European gypsy vibe, a brush of didgeridoo - in short all that one might wish for from a Kangaroo Moon album.

And it's all aided and beautifully abetted by Gong's Dave Sturt and dedicated to daevid.

In a tri-fold card sleeve.

Tracks: [60'50]
  1. Down The Way [6'26] 1'05 | 1MB (Kangaroo Moon)
  2. Good Old Days [3'14] 0'.51 | 816Kb (M. Robson)
  3. The Struggle [8'42] 1'00 | 948Kb (trad. arr. E. Mackrell)
  4. Farewell To daevid [6'19] (Kangaroo Moon)
  5. 7 Diddy Sins [4'05] 0'.45 | 720Kb (D. Williams)
  6. Gardening Song/Scottish [11'22] 1'.05 | 1MB (M. Robson)/trad. arr. E. Mackrell)
  7. When The Rain Comes Down [4'38] (M. Robson)
  8. How Long Has It Been [9'21] (M. Robson)
  9. Blowie [6'45] (D. Williams/M. Robson)
  • Mark Robson {Vocals, Keyboards, Whistles, Didgeridoo}
  • David Williams {Vocals, Bouzouki, Mandolin, Guitar}
  • Elliet Mackrell {Violin, Vocals, Didgeridoo}
  • Matt Ledgar {Drums, Percussion}
  • Nick Marshall {Keyboards, Guitar}
  • Maurice Cernigoi {Bass}
  • Dave Sturt {Fretless and E-Bow Bass}