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Kavus Torabi

Hip To The Jag

Believers Roast BR23
Moof : Sometimes poetic, sometimes surrealistic … juxtaposes 60s psychedelia with avant-garde experimental space rock in a limitless cosmic ambience.
Richly rewarding debut - totally new yet strangely familiar. If you bonded with Gong's 'The Universe Also Collapses' look no further… a deep well from which you can draw again and again. Tri-fold card didgi-pak with full lyrics. Artwork by Kavus. Initial few copies in stock are signed by the man himself. Also available as a vinyl LP.

A beautifully balanced combination of engaging, psychedelic 'ambient concrete', often other-worldly pieces created with layers of harmonium and treated guitar, interspersed with heartfelt, esoterically tinged songs of love and loss, wonder and despair. There is a honest, even raw edge to the proceedings which cannot fail to strike a chord. And despite the personal, yet expansive nature of the album it's tempting to imagine full Gong band versions of certain tracks.

Kavus' wide-ranging love and knowledge of music, and the joyful struggle he engages in while creating it, shines bright throughout. A myriad deftly woven musical influences create a final rich, uniquely Torabi tapestry. This is a man who knows what he is doing - in the most intuative of ways. The planets were surely aligned and daevid's intuition on beam when he asked whether Kavus would like to join the Gong dance to see where it all led. This particular encampment on that ongoing journey is a rather wonderful, mature and poignant album.


  1. Chart The Way
  2. Silent The Rotor
  3. A Body Of Work
  4. The Peacock Throne
  5. You Broke My Fall
  6. Cemetery Of Light
  7. Radio To Their World
  8. My Cold Rebirth
  9. Where The Eyeless Walk
  10. Slow Movements


  • Kavus Torabi All songs, all playing, recording, mixing - almost everything, except…
  • Sima Torabi bells on 'The Eyeless Walk'
  • Mastering James Plotkin
  • Layout David Barclay