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The Unravelling

Inside Out 0506858 (2014)

Special edition digipak CD with 16 page lyric booklet.


  1. I Can Teach You How to Lose a Fight
  2. The Orphanage
  3. Send Him Seaworthy
  4. Don't Land On Me
  5. The Skulls We Buried Have Regrown Their Eyes
  6. Destroy The World We Love
  7. This Empty Room Once Was Alive
  8. I'm Hiding Behind My Eyes


  • Kavus Torabi vocals, guitar
  • Melanie Woods vocals
  • Emmett Elvin piano, Rhodes
  • Charlie Cawood bass
  • Ben Woollacott drums
  • Chlöe Herington bassoon, vocals
  • Josh Perl alto sax, vocals
  • Nicki Maher tenor sax, G clarinet
  • Katharine Blake violin
  • Esther Dee vocals
  • Shona Davidson vocals
  • Chantal Brown vocal
  • Anna Tam viola