planet gong bazaar
artwork Kevin Kendle
Deep Skies 2
Lagoon of Eternity
w/Brian Abbott & Nigel Shaw
Eventide EMDS02 | 2004

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Second deep space/meditational CD.

Kevin Kendle gathers up fellow inner/outer space travellers Brian Abbott and Nigel Shaw as the Deep Skies ensemble once more for a second blissful journey to the far reaches of the cosmos.

Inspired by the wonders found in the Sagittarius constellation. this crystal clear and beautifully ethereal album definitely sonically expands and deepens on last year's also very good 'Light From Orion' CD. Brian's gliss and 'distant' guitar is a vital component on 7 of the 8 tracks and further underlines the very favourable comparisons the album evokes with Steve and Miquette's 'Rainbow Dome Music'. I have no doubt that if that is one of your top albums then you will hugely enjoy this CD.

As it says on the box - "The tracks on this album merge together seamlessly, forming a continuous program of music, making this album perfect as an accompaniment to Reiki and other alternative therapies, visualisation, or for simply letting the mind wander."

Other CDs in the series: Deep Skies 1: Light From Orion, Deep Skies 3: Light From The Pleiades, Deep Skies 4: Light From Andromeda, Deep Skies 5: Illumination

Tracks: [69'52]
  1. Lagoon Nebula [7'09]
  2. Trifid Nebula [10'57]
  3. Star Clusters [8'04]
  4. Herschel 36 [7'21]
  5. Ascella [8'01]
  6. Hubble 5 [8'53]
  7. Omega Nebula [9'20]
  8. Star Cloud [10'02]
  • Kevin Kendle {Keyboards, synthesisers, sequencers, moog}
  • Brian Abbott {Glissando guitar, distant guitar, guitar FX}
  • Nigel Shaw {Synthesizer FX, guitar treatments, space whistle, sequencer}