planet gong bazaar

artwork Kevin Kendle w/Brian Abbott & Nigel Shaw
Deep Skies 1: Light From Orion
Eventide EMDS01 || 2003 || $ | | ¥ +p&p

For all lovers of deepest space/meditational music.

Brian Zero plays some lovely, sometimes almost subliminal gliss guitar on all of the tracks. As it says on cover, "The tracks on this album merge together seemlessly forming a continuous program of music, making this album perfect as an accompaniment to Reiki and other alternative therapies, visualisation, or for simply letting the mind wander." It really is the sound of the stars rubbing together.

Approach with abandon anyone who has liked daevid's gliss-rich albums such as Sacred Geometry. Expertly comstructed deepest chill - no random 'ambient' button pushed on the synths here.

Other CDs in the series: Deep Skies 2: Lagoon Of Eternity, Deep Skies 3: Light From The Pleiades, Deep Skies 4: Light From Andromeda, Deep Skies 5: Illumination

Tracks: [61'26]
  1. Horsehead Nebula [5'37]
  2. Alnitak [5'08]
  3. Bellatrix [4'52]
  4. Great Orion Nebula [4'12]
  5. Rigel [6'28]
  6. Stella Nursery [6'10]
  7. Flame Nebula [5'28]
  8. Mintaka [7'02]
  9. Alnilam [9'39]
  10. Betalgeuse [6'43]
  • Kevin Kendle {Keyboards, Synths, Sequencers, Programming}
  • Brian Abbott {Glissando Guitar}
  • Nigel Shaw {Additional Keyboards}