planet gong bazaar


Deep Skies

Light From The Pleiades

Eventide EMDS03 (2008)

Volume 3. Deep space meditational, dream-like ethereal, ambient stellar-inspired synths. Aided and abetted by Brian Zero on glissando and lead guitar, along with Nigel Shaw. Destination is the group of stars known as the Seven Sisters.

Totally perfect for all devoted Blakeian, Tangerine Dreamers and all involved in deep inner exploration, relaxation and meditation. This is still the sound of the stars gently rubbing together in harmony - but even more so. With a detailed 12 page booklet.


  1. Dance of Electra
  2. Alcyone
  3. Maia
  4. Merope
  5. Taygeta
  6. Asterope (Night Sky Music)
  7. Celaeno


  • Kevin Kendle synths, sequencers, Moog, ARP, Diva, MV choir, programming
  • Brian Abbott glissando guitar, gliss loops, lead guitar, ambient guitar, guitar effects
  • Nigel Shaw guitar treatments