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artwork daevid allen
Live in '88 - The Return
Voiceprint VP377CD | 2004-10

(Sorry, gone forever.)

Double CD of live acoustic gigs with Didier and the all female band.

These CDs are drawn from two concerts: daevid's first major gigs in London at the Tabernacle in Nottinghill Gate (L) and in France at Toulon (T), which was also daevid's first encounter with Didier Malherbe (Bloomdido Bad de Grasse) since the heady Gong days of '74/'75.

Some of these recordings were released on the long deleted GAS tape 'Live Spring '88'. The 16 page CD booklet is a very colourful, richly illustrated affair with daevid's history and thoughts of those times. More details soon.

Tracks: [86'18]
  • Disk 1: [45'40]
    1. Zero Invocation [08'01] (daevid allen) L
    2. Green Temple [05'26] (Allen, Malherbe) T
    3. Sing Me Like a Song [06'41] (Allen, Malherbe) T
    4. Magick of the Circle [14'43] (daevid allen) L
    5. I'm Happy [03'33] (Leanne Bruce) L
    6. Wargasm [07'16] (daevid allen) L -
  • Disk 2: [40'45]
    1. Blame the Rich [07'38] (daevid allen) L
    2. White Woves [06'59] (Viraj) L
    3. Koori Brother [07'07] (daevid allen)
    4. Les "B's" [01'17] (Didier Malherbe) T -
    5. Tablas Logorythmique [02'47] (Shamal Maitra) T
    6. Out of Thin Air [08'04] (Allen, Malherbe, Maitra) T
    7. Bom Bom Coda [04'23] (Malherbe, Maitra) T
    8. End of the Day [02'30] (Allen, Malherbe) T
  • daevid allen {Singing, glissando and acoustic guitars}
  • Didier Malherbe {Soprano sax, WX7 wind synth, flutes, poem}
  • Shamal Maitra {Tablas, samples}
  • Elliet Mackrell (Texta Lily) {Violin, chanting}
  • Wandana Banana {Harmonium, chanting, poem}
  • Lydia Lite {Percussion}
  • Sheena Inbetweena {Chanting, dance}