planet gong bazaar
artwork Mother Gong
Voiceprint VP404CD | 2006-10

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Live 2005 Unconvention recordings and more.

Outstanding mostly live CD. Part 1 of this CD, the first 11 tracks, are Mother Gong's stand out live set from the 2005 Gong Unconvention. They are from a well mixed multi-track recording by Graham Hinton donated to Voiceprint by GAS. The entire band were on top form with Gilli, Didier and Graham Clark outstanding. It is certainly sounds the Mother Gong biz.

Part 2, tracks 12 and 13, are two new studio tracks. More soon, as I listen and absorb…

Tracks: [62'28]
  1. Welcome to the Parade
  2. George Bush
  3. Four Horsemen
  4. Invisible
  5. Voices in Your Head
  6. I Am a Witch
  7. Demon Barbie
  8. You Are My Virtual Lover
  9. E-Mail From God
  10. Palestine
  11. I Remember Ancient Magics
  12. The Whisperer
  13. Honeypath
  • Part 1: 2005 Gong Unconvention
    • Gilli Smyth {Lyrics, Vocals}
    • Didier Malherbe {Flute, Doudouk}
    • Gwyo Zepix {Synth}
    • Graham Clark {Violin}
    • Tim Hall {Bass}
    • Orlando Allen {Drums and backing}
  • Part 2: The Whisperer and Honeypath
    • Gilli Smyth {creator}
    • Microcosmique {Drone and musical effects}
    • Turiya Bruce, Isabel Angel, Gilli Smyth, daevid allen {Voices; recorded by daevid allen}
    • Gwyo Zepix {Honeypath music}