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Mother Gong

O Amsterdam

(Sorry, all gone.)

Voiceprint VP423CD (2007)

The first release from the November 2006 Unconvention - and it's a goodie. A magical live recording. They may be relatively rare but with each outing the Mothergong band gets better and better. So if you enjoyed the excellent '2006', their live CD recorded at the 2005 Gong Unconvention (yes I know it's endearingly confusing), then this one will send you into raptures. Mixed by Harry Williamson and Gilli from the digital multitrack recorded by Harry. The artwork and design is also strong, clear and very different - I think Gilli may finally have found the perfect designer for her releases in Navarina.

The level of musicianship here is just so strong. On this evidence they perhaps were one of the strongest 'pure musical' line-ups throughout the entire weekend of the Unconvention. With Orlando and Tim Hall gelling as a fine, fluid rhythm section, and Didier and Graham inventing and trading licks as only musicians of their calibre can, and Gwyo slotting right in there on the same high musical level on synths and some fine guitar - it's without doubt a happening band.

And then there is Gilli around whom this fine band has coalesced, (they wouldn't exist without her) doing what only she can - invoking, gently cajoling, obliquely and the directly commenting on the state of the world, confronting even - and above all swooping between the worlds with all the spirito/politico integrity one could wish for. It's a great set.


  1. Gong Friends
  2. Terrorist
  3. Dream Star
  4. Armageddon
  5. Robot Woman
  6. Today Is Beautiful
  7. Love
  8. Future Is Fantasy
  9. E-mail From The Office of the Most High


  • Gilli Smyth spoken word, vocals
  • Didier Malherbe flute, sax, doudouk
  • Gwyo Zepix keyboards, synth, guitar
  • Graham Clark violin
  • Tim Hall bass
  • Orlando Allen drums
  • Mark Robson didgeridoo 9