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Mother Gong

Glastonbury Festival '79-'81

Voiceprint VP363CD (2005)

A selection of the best tracks of Mothergong's two Glastonbury Festival performances, remastered from the original recordings. Brings back the feeling of those lively, crazy Glastonbury festivals - full of energy. In l979 different versions of Fairy Tale pieces are enhanced by Guy Evans' drumming and Didier Malherbe's beautiful melodic sounds. In l98I it's mainly improvised versions of Robot Woman pieces. Includes an llustrated lyric booket.

Excellent line-ups including Nik Turner, Jan Emeric on guitar, Jean‑Philippe Rykiel, Dane Kranenburg on bass, and others, with Harry Williamson on guitar and Gilli Smyth with different voices.


  1. Dogs
  2. Dreaming It
  3. Rats Amok Words: Robert Browning
  4. Robot Woman I
  5. Birds So High
  6. Beautiful Country
  7. Evidance
  8. Disco at the End of the World
  9. Robot Woman 2
  10. Wild Child
  11. Machine Song
  12. Searching the Airwaves
  13. Customs Man

personnel (1979)

  • Gilli Smyth Lyrics and vocals
  • Didier Malherbe sax, flute
  • Eduardo Niebla guitar
  • Mo Vicarage synth
  • Trevor Darks bass
  • Ermano Ghizio Erba drums

personnel (1981)

  • Gilli Smyth lyrics, vocals
  • Harry Williamson guitar, vocals
  • Didier Malherbe sax, flute
  • Jan Emeric guitar
  • Guy Evans drums
  • Dane Kronenberg bass