planet gong bazaar
artwork Russell Hibbs +daevid allen
Nectans Glen
VP206CD | 1999-11-29

Hibbs solo with 2 new daevid acoustic tracks.

Actually a first solo CD by Russell Hibbs - co-founder with daevid of the Australian dispensation of the Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet - and a fine electro-acoustic selection it is too. daevid has two new long, beautiful solo acoustic songs included on the CD, Queen of Hearts, and She and I. Russell's great voice brings to mind Robin Williamson, as do the strong celtic themes of many of the tracks. daevid, on glissando guitar, and Kangaroo Moon's Mark Robson, are among the host of guest musicians.

Tracks: [59'56]
  1. Ring The Bells/Turn
  2. Kerrridwen
  3. Leshy
  4. We Came Down
  5. Nectans Glen
  6. Spring Song
  7. Watching
  8. Brother
  9. Envirolament
  10. Spirit
  11. Man in the Green
  12. Avalon
  13. Queen of Hearts (daevid allen)
  14. She and I (daevid allen)
  15. Bees
  16. Sonic Tonic
  • Russell Hibbs {Guitar, Vocals, Percussion}
  • daevid allen {Vocals, Gliss and Guitar Electrique}
  • Mark Robson {Keyboards, Low Whistle, Didgeridoo}
  • Nick Jeanes {Guitar, Vocals}
  • April Galetti {Vocals, Bells}
  • Darpan {Throat Singing, Crystal Bowls}
  • Dr P. Arpana {Didgeridoo}
  • Susan Graham {Celtic Harp}
  • Vision {Mandolin}