planet gong bazaar

daevid allen

Self Initiation

(Sold out)

BMOVP003CD (2004)

Obscura No.3 - meditation and healing music invoked in the mountains behind Mullumbimby in upstate NSW, Australia. Later used in Self Initiation workshops held mostly in and around Glastonbury UK. Basically a wonderful Glissando guitar feast, though occasionally the recording is a bit hissy. 3rd of a series, each a limited pressing of 1000 copies in matt black card covers with silver and white printing.

Tracks: [52'55]
  1. Hello Me [16'09] (daevid allen)
  2. Hello You [14'48] (daevid allen)
  3. Past Lives [16'09] (daevid allen/Gilliam) -
  4. Mystery School [5'49] (daevid allen) -
  • daevid allen {glissando guitar, voice}
  • Gilli Smyth and Joe {voices bespoken}
  • Nimben Silly Symphony {Choir}
  • Hakim Gilliam {Synthesizers}
  • Harry Williamson {Sounds}