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daevid allen & Russell Hibbs

Bards of Byron Bay

BMOVP004CD (2004)

Obscura No.4 - live acoustic gig recorded in Australia - Limited release. daevid and Russell bounce their favourite songs and poems back and forth between each other as only old friends can for a relaxed and happy hometown audience. Recorded in Byron Bay, N.S.W. Australia in 1995. Not the greatest audio quality, but acceptable. 4th of a series, each a limited pressing of 1000 copies in matt black card covers with silver and white printing.


  1. Giday R. Hibbs
  2. Bellyful of Telephone daevid allen
  3. Ring the Bells R. Hibbs
  4. Came to Find Her daevid allen
  5. Urban Shaman R. Hibbs
  6. I am a Freud daevid allen
  7. My Penis is Ageing daevid allen
  8. Seasons of Glass R. Hibbs
  9. Relationship of Fooles daevid allen
  10. Ryokin R. Hibbs
  11. Perfect Day in Paradox daevid allen
  12. Mirrorman R. Hibbs
  13. Let it All Go daevid allen)
  14. Watching R. Hibbs
  15. Lord of the Wild Places R. Hibbs
  16. World Peace daevid allen


  • Russell Hibbs acoustic guitar, vocals
  • daevid allen acoustic & electric guitars, vocals