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daevid allen & das

The Mystery Disque

BMOVP007CD (2006)

Obscura No.7 - "A series of gleefully pataphysical encounters with a mysterious creator of BIG CITY ORCHESTRA in SF Oakland, Cal. I mean just sip the first track" - from daevid's notes on the back cover. Also titled; ub/zero - it both covers work that daevid has done with bigcityorchestra over the past 20 years, and NEW noisey tracks !! 7th of a series, each a limited pressing of 1000 copies in matt black card covers with silver and white printing.

  1. 21C Progrock Man (from BCO's 'Replayer' CD)
  2. Artscrew (new track)
  3. Masterfreek (from BCO's 'Greatest Hits and Test Tones' CD)
  4. Barnicook Billion (from BCO's 'Salty Sea Shanties for Young Pirates')
  5. Clown is Petrol (new track)
  6. Not Aiming (new track)
  7. I, Planet (new track)
  8. No Udder Radio (snippet from our KPFA-Pacifica radio program)
  • daevid allen
  • Nina Pixie {aka ninaH pixie}
  • Werner Slack {Negitivland}
  • Rob Workman {aka rob worDman}
  • Phil Knight {Legendary Pink Dots}
  • Alan Harrick {aka alan hErrick
  • Michael Clare {University of Errors}
  • Russ Kant {aka russ kEnt}
  • Malissa Margolis {aka mElissa margolis}
  • Mark Robson {Kangaroo Moon}
  • Michael Gandeau {aka michael gEndeau - Crawling with Tarts}
  • dAB {aka daS}