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Planet Gong

Live Floating Anarchy 1991


The definitive agit-prop, space-punk, yet at the same time transcendental, live set. As appropriate in today's political climate as ever it was in '77 or '91, perhaps even more so. Fired up to the max and totally detached at the same time - blimey isn't that a description of the state of bliss? Simply put, if you love Live Floating Anarchy '77, as I and many others do, then this is what you have been waiting for.

Compiled from the original mixing desk master tapes this release contains some of the most powerful live versions of many of these songs you are ever going to hear - a searing squeal of feedback on 'It's The Time of Your Life' just couldn't rule out what is THE version of that tune, in fact it adds to it. New World Transformation is just that, transformative, Teeth - frightening, Ali Baba - glorious and the end of Opium For the People is just totally crazy…I could go on, every track has it's strengths.

One of the often missed aspects of this Planet Gong line-up was the harmony singing, with Andy Roid and Steffe often wonderfully complementing daevid, not something you'd expect from such an energetic maelstrom of music makers. Also here is the first CD appearance of daevid's haunting 'Astral Alien', a song introduced on these tours, as you can hear on the 'bonus' track.

A release with so many powerful and sublime moments - one that certainly wigs out, occasionally teeters on the edge of sonic oblivion - but hey that's Floating Anarchy with Planet Gong for you, and this as near to seeing them live as you can get. Vibey as…

Allez Ali Baba - Bom Shanka!

The very fetching unfortunately uncredited photograph of the '91 PG beat combo on the inside sleeve is I have since discovered by Jo Ball.


  1. Floating Anarchy Radio
  2. It's The Time of Your Life
  3. Stoned Innocent Frankenstein
  4. New World Transformation: No More Sages
  5. Poet For Sale
  6. Pot Head Pixies
  7. Astral Alien
  8. Much Too Old
  9. Change the World
  10. Teeth
  11. Allez Ali Baba Blacksheep Have You Any Bullshit:Mama Maya Mantram
  12. Opium For The People
  13. Astral Alien (soundcheck version)


  • daevid allen guitar, vocals
  • Steffe guitar, vocals
  • Keith Bailey bass, vocals
  • Andy Roid synthesizers, vocals
  • Nick Danger drums