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Pip Pyle

7 Year Itch

Voiceprint VP198CD

The musical depth, intelligence and warmth of one of Gong's greatest drummers is revealed with this beautifully crafted CD. I never think Pip knows how good he is, or how important a musician and friend he has been to so many people. If he wasn't as good as he is he would never have attracted the calibre of musician on display on this CD… and they are all in top form for him. From the whistful opener 'Seven Sisters' through the awesome 'Strawberry Fields Forever' (the only cover on the album) to the last track, a huge, lurching new version of 'Foetal Fanfare Fandango', with a hell of a brass section, it's a great CD.


  1. Sisters Pyle
  2. Chinese Whispers Pyle
  3. Strawberry Fields Forever Lennon/McCartney
  4. 7 Year Itch Pyle
  5. I'm Really Okay Pyle/Cahen
  6. Once Around the Shelves Pyle
  7. Long On Pyle
  8. Shipwrecked (with Idle Hands) Pyle
  9. L'Etat des Choses Knieper/Pyle
  10. Foetal Fanfare Fandango Pyle


  • Pip Pyle
  • Elton Dean
  • Didier Malherbe
  • Lydia Domancich
  • Hugh Hopper
  • Richard Sinclair
  • Phil Miller
  • Freddy T. Baker
  • Dave Stewart
  • John Greaves
  • Pierre Marcault
  • Jakko Jakszyk
  • Francois Ovide
  • Barbara Gaskin
  • Alain Guillard
  • Yves Favre
  • Yvon Guillard
  • Jean Francois Canape
  • Paul Rogers
  • Michel Godard