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Invisible System

Punt (Made in Ethiopia)

Harper Diabate (2009)

Made in Ethiopia. 'Exotic mythology flung into outer space…' - 2008 Ethiopian Music Festival performers. Traditional Ethiopian vocals and instruments meet Euro powerhouse dub, dance, rock, drum 'n' bass, psychedelia, electronica and live music - the modern, the electronic - with brass. The artistic outcome of years of foreign aid work in Mali and Ethiopia, reviews proclaim it startlingly original, wonderfully strange and slightly otherworldly - with sturdy vocals, brooding intensity and moments of electrifying mystique - a mind-blowing rave classic, a pleasing headiness to its rough charm. Ethiopians such as Mahmoud Ahmed and Bahta Gebrehiwot (Ethiopiques) and Hilaire Chabby (Baba Maal), meet Europeans including current or former members of Eat Static, Ozric Tentacles, Here & Now, Zion Train, more.


  1. I'm Worried He's Moving Hode Baba
  2. I Turned My Face Away Fiten Azorkugn
  3. If That Is What You Want Melkam Kehonelish
  4. How Can I Forget You Sewbekagn
  5. Come Inside Giba Wedebet
  6. What Have I Done Wrong? Min Atefahu
  7. Love In Harar Yeteleye Fikir
  8. Tell Me The Truth Ewnetun Nigeregn
  9. Gondar
  10. Because Of You I Faced So Many Challenges Sintun Ayehu Bante
  11. Give Me An Answer Milash Situgn
  12. Dance City Boy Dankira


  • Dan Harper groove engineer and producer
  • Mamoud Ahmed (Ethiopiques - BBC3 World Music Award Winner
  • Bahta Gebrehiwot (Ethiopiques)
  • Hilaire Shabby (Baba Maal)
  • Justin Adams (Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation, ex Jah Wobble's Invaders)
  • Tsedenia, Mimi, Tarmeg, Sami (Ethiopians - since signed to Realworld Records)
  • Joie Hinton (ex-Eat Static, Ozric Tentacles, Here and Now, InVerse Gravity Vehicle)
  • Martin Cradick (Baka Beyond, ex-Outback)
  • Captain Sensible (The Damned)
  • Ed Wynne Ozric Tentacles, Noden Inctus
  • Simon Hinkler (ex-The Mission)
  • Dubulah (ex-Transglobal Underground, Temple of Sound, Natasha Atlas, etc.)
  • Perch (Zion Train)
  • Juldeh Camara (Justin Adam, Realworld, etc.)
  • Elmer Thudd (ex-Loop Guru)
  • Gary Woodhouse (The Rhythmites)