planet gong bazaar
artwork Spirits Burning
Reflections in a Radio Shower CD
Gazul GA 8467.AR | 2002-04

(Sorry, currently unavailable.)

Strong alien presence on huge collective 'soundscape' CD.

Strange, intriguing, entertaining, unique and eclectic are just some of the words I write in these little summaries when I don't know how to discribe the content of an album. Hey guess what…

CDs with all manner of people - there's something like 40 credited here - playing all sorts of instruments, seldom hang together as well as one would wish. However Don Falcone, the mastermind behind all this, has somehow managed it most of the time. The resulting rolling, soundscape adventure that visits deep-space, cut-ups, sampled poets, dubby-beatland and the odd bit of guitar strangling along the journey will certainly reward many a listen.

You will probably be most interested in the tracks where daevid is a co-creator/performer, and to these alien atuned ears they are amongst the strongest tracks - they really couldn't be by anyone else and have a strong Univerisity of Errors flavour about them which is only to be expected with UofE bass-master, Michael Clare also in attendance.

How does modern atmospheric, space-prog/garage with avant garde knobs grab you? …well, er, no I thought not…anyway you will enjoy this strange, intriguing, entertaining, unique and eclectic CD, I certainly did.

"Spirits Burning is absolutly fantastic, a big trip elevator to the sky stairs!" - Joseph
Tracks: [72'19]
  1. Second Degree Soul Sparks[4'33] (Allen, Falcone, Palmer, Pinnock, Thoms, Williams)
  2. New Spell[4'35] (Allen, Clare, Falcone)
  3. Drive By Poetry[5'40]
  4. Retrospectre[2'47]
  5. Clear Audient[4'31]
  6. I'll Give You Cumulus[2'38]
  7. Hidden Rope Trick[2'48] (Lyrics:Allen - Music: Allen, Falcone, Palmer, Pearson)
  8. Gods at the Top of the World[11'00]
  9. Eye=1[6'32]
  10. Bird Swammy Loop[2'11] (Allen, Falcone, Palmer, Pearson, ST37)
  11. Intelligent Sparkling Fish[2'33]
  12. Blood and Oxygen (For the Brain)[3'25]
  13. Walking Shadow[4'30]
  14. The Idle Hours of the Fruit Fly[1'44]
  15. Clouds of Hypno Smoke[1'39]
  16. Elliptical Orbits (Over and Out) [1'39] (Allen, Clare, Falcone, Rockwell)

There are so many musicians on this release that I have limited the listing below to the Gong Family-related ones… likewise with the writing credits above. Other artists on the CD include members of Mushroom, Mooch, Quarkspace, Nik Turner's 'Inner City Unit'… and from beyond the grave, Hawkwind's Robert Calvert.

  • daevid allen {33 Degree Left Guitar: 1; Guitars: 2; Haiku Voice: 3; Voice, Text, Guitar: 7; Drone & Gliss Guitar: 10; Guitar: 16}
  • Michael Clare, University of Errors {Bass: 1, 2, 4, 5, 16}
  • Josh Pollock, University of Errors {Guitar: 8}
  • Thom the World Poet {1, 3, 16}