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Mirror System


g-wave AAWCKCD001 (2010)

The 69 Steps, volume 4. New soft minimal techno/electro beats Mirror System DJ Mix album. As well as being an excellent live event, Mirror System play some wonderful DJ sets (as do System 7). This CD is a direct result of the success of those sets. It's soft and minimal grooves that blend the chilled Mirror System feeling with that of like-minded musical explorers. It's gentle and positive, is great fun and perfect Summer music. Elegant slim-line digi-pak designed in Japan, where the album was released by our friends at Wakyo Records earlier in 2010.

Loads of luscious tracks here… System 7's Sal Del Mar and the Mirror System remix of Tripswitch's Cartwheel being particular favourites. Slightly more of a worry is that I feel I may have become addicted to the gently relentless track, Chicken Kiev - a sort grooving demented grandchild of that 70's synthi hit, 'Popcorn'!

Tracks: [75'10]
  1. Mirror System : The Healing Feather [2'23]
  2. Evan Marc & Steve Hillage : Resurfacing (Phidelity Remix) [6'30]
  3. Guy Gerber & Shlomi Aber : Sea of Sand (Original Remix) [5'09]
  4. Sascha Funke : Mango (Original Remix) [3'01]
  5. Trentemoller : Gush (Blagger's Bring It Back Remix) [3'28]
  6. Tripswitch : Cartwheel (Mirror System Remix) [6'56]
  7. Peace Division & Pleasant Gehman : Voodoo (It's in the Wall) [5'52]
  8. Chaim : Chicken Kiev [5'20]
  9. Matthias Tanzmann : Swim [2'47]
  10. Chymera : A Question [4'52]
  11. Phonique : Bike Ride [3'56]
  12. Bluetech : Honey in the Heart (System 7 Remix) [4'59]
  13. Shlomi Aber : Looking in God's Eyes (album version) [2'53]
  14. Alex Kenji : Adelante (Ahmet Sendil Remix) [5'37]
  15. System 7 : Sal Del Mar [7'18]