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artwork Rovo
Nuou CD
WRCD-42 | 4.6.2008

(Sorry, all gone.)

Japanese only release - very, very limited GAS stock on this one.

Gorgeous, creative jamming

I have not been disappointed with any of the Rovo albums, each contains some beautiful music. Nuou is I think probably the most laidback of the Rovo CDs in stock, although it's not without it's firey sections and tracks.

Beautiful tri-fold digipak with obi.

Releases featuring Rovo and System 7: Phoenix Rising CD, Hinotori CD/EP, Phoenix Rising CD EP/DVD,

Tracks: [64'02"]
  1. Koo [9.02] Yamamoto Seiichi -
  2. Ouo [12.37] Rovo
  3. Melodia [12.20] Katsui Yuji
  4. Agora [10.54] Yamamoto Seiichi
  5. Cado [19.09] Yamamoto Seiichi and Katsui Yuji
  • Katsui Yuji {Electric violin, Violin & Viola}
  • Yamamoto Seiichi {Electric guitar}
  • Yasuhiro Yoshigaki {Drums & Percussion}
  • Okabe Yoichi {Drums & Percussion}
  • Harada Jin {Bass, Digeridoo, Harmonica, Kalimba}
  • Masuko Tatsuki {DX7, SH101}