planet gong bazaar
artwork Rovo
Phase CD
WRCD-63 | 2012

(Sorry, all gone.)

Japanese only release - very limited GAS stock.

Unique, powerfully dynamic and melodic combination of progressive jam band rock and techno

A rare opportunity to get marvelous Rovo releases outside Japan as I sell the remaining tour stock on behalf of the band. If you enjoyed the Rovo/System 7 Phoenix Rising dates this could be the release for you as it kicks off with 'Batis', the opening tune of their UK set - but really this outfit is so very good that any of their releases will give deep enjoyment.

As I become more familiar with Rovo's work the more I understand Steve Hillage's excitement about working with them on the 'Phoenix Rising' project, I really can't think of anything quite like them. For several years Rovo have run an MDT Festival - 'Man Driven Trance'. Not a term I was familiar with. However although major aspects of what they play falls into that category, I don't think it actually does their music full justice. There are invariably sections of their always enjoyably long and often driving, exploratory tracks which detour into the areas of almost free-jazz and deep electronica, but it always happens within the 'groove' and is often intertwined with sweet memorable melodies. In fact at times it's all rather Gong-like in vibe.

Very elegant tri-fold digipak with obi.

Releases featuring Rovo and System 7: Phoenix Rising CD, Hinotori CD/EP, Phoenix Rising CD EP/DVD,

Tracks: [67.00]
  1. Batis [13.11] -
  2. Compass [9.49]
  3. D.D.E. [10.03] -
  4. Mir [12.23] -
  5. Rezo [21.14]
  • Katsui Yuji {Electric violin, violin & viola}
  • Yamamoto Seiichi {Electric guitar & acoustic guitar}
  • Yasuhiro Yoshigaki {Drums & percussion}
  • Okabe Yoichi {Drums & percussion}
  • Harada Jin {Bass}
  • Masuko Tatsuki {DX7, SH101 & mopho}