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Ravo CD
WRCD-45 | 3.11.2010

(Sorry, all gone.)

Japanese only release - limited, one time only GAS supplies.

Once hooked on the Rovo revolution there is no turning back...

I'm completely blown away by this album, it might just be my favourite Rovo release. It's an album that has delightfully surprised me at almost every turn. Overall it's perhaps a slightly more down-tempo affair than their 'Phase' album - although when a band with six musicians, two of whom are drummers opens up, it is to thunderous effect. This is also the CD from which the amazing 'Eclipse' track comes (the System 7 Phoenix Rising Version of which features on the Hinotori CD EP). But there is much more to this release than just that jewel.

There are 5 of Rovo's trademark long, exploratory, musical journeys here to revel in, one of which, 'Sino+', I think, featured in their powerful Phoenix Rising Tour 40 minute, three track set. Throughout the album they wear the 'jam-band' aspect of their music really well, in one section even sounding similar to the the Gods of that genre, the Grateful Dead, and arching above all their music like a rainbow, and probably one of the key reasons Steve Hillage tuned into them and thankfully introduced them to us, is Rovo's sheer joyful spirit.

I notice that Rovo's web-site discography shows a 'dub' version of this album which is totally intriguing - something I can't wait to hear.

Stylish tri-fold digipak with obi.

Releases featuring Rovo and System 7: Phoenix Rising CD, Hinotori CD/EP, Phoenix Rising CD EP/DVD,

Tracks: [64.00]
  1. Tanger [12.50]
  2. Eclipse [11.11]
  3. Baal [12.04] -
  4. RMD [13.12] -
  5. Sino+ [14.20]
  • Katsui Yuji {Electric violin, violin & viola}
  • Yamamoto Seiichi {Electric guitar & acoustic guitar}
  • Yasuhiro Yoshigaki {Drums & percussion}
  • Okabe Yoichi {Drums & percussion}
  • Harada Jin {Bass}
  • Masuko Tatsuki {DX7, SH101 & mopho}