planet gong bazaar

artwork Sacred Geometry Banned
Re-Connection CD
Door 13 Music D13 0019 || 2016 || $ | | ¥ +p&p

A grand psychedelic soup

Featuring daevid, Uncle Nik, Gilli, Huw LL and many more

Micro's journey continues

Mikey has long been a master of collecting and convincing disparate groups of musicians to gather together and make music, a talent not to be sneezed at. And if they don't actually gather together in person he will gather them together on disc. He has never followed convention in these Sacred Geometry enterprises and therefore by and large the music itself has also never been what you might expect. This release has a more conventional free-wheeling, psychedelic, free-festival vibe about it and is non the pooer for that.


Tracks: [00'00]
  1. Activation of Noncoding DNA [00'00]
  2. Save the Ozone - Protect the Water [00'00]
  3. Ambience with Attitude [00'00]
  4. Please Accept wot u Cannot Change [00'00]
  • daevid allen
  • Nik Turner
  • Huw Lloyd Langton
  • Gilli Smyth
  • Orlando Allen
  • Microcosmic
  • Kev Hegan
  • Charlie Bishop
  • Rob Williams
  • Karen Langley
  • Gopinatha Dasa
  • Kishor Murti
  • Jake Maloney
  • Dave Weir
  • Simon Starfish
  • Mark Dewhurst