planet gong bazaar
artwork Micro Cosmic + daevid allen
Sacred Geometry
No Meat Productions | 2000-06-21 (solstice)

available on Bandcamp

What's this - A wizard? Glastonbury Tor? And a planetary Gong spaceship? Could this be the start of the ascension process, or even the 23rd meaning? No, it's a lushious ambient psychedelic CD from the alien and Micro Cosmic. Ideal for mind expansion, relaxation, daytime dreaming. Only available from GAS (or micro cosmic, if you catch him).

Independent review : Prog Archives.

Also available: Sacred Geometry 2, Sacred Geometry 3, Sacred Geometry 4

  1. Laxman Jewel -
  2. Isralieglis
  3. Sacred Geometry -
  4. Star Tetrahedron
  5. Murwillumbah
  6. Isle of Avalon
  • daevid allen {Glissando Guitar}
  • Mikey Cosmic {Synths}
  • Graham Clark {Violin}