planet gong bazaar
artwork Micro Cosmic + daevid allen
Sacred Geometry II
No Meat Productions | 2005-07-11

available on Bandcamp

Pefect for personal relaxation or therapy sessions

Beautifully relaxing glissando guitar and synthesizer album.

At the end it feels as if a journey has been completed, and if you really happen to have left your body during the trip, after a long period of silence, there's a gentle wake-up call to return to the world - perhaps to put the kettle on.

Also available: Sacred Geometry, Sacred Geometry 3, Sacred Geometry 4

Tracks: 55'37 music (71'37 total)
  1. Ancient Future 12'23 - mp3 2'20 / 2.1MB - Indian sitar and flute sections mixed with synth and gliss. A track that grows throughout as daevid's gliss guitar comes to the fore.
  2. Encodement 4'04 - A most Gong-like of second tracks. The sensitively used sound slivers of Gong samples make this appear as if it were the sound that might emanate from Gong Mandala itself.
  3. Divine Guidance 5'44 - Led by the natural sounds of the night-time rain-forest then into beautiful inter-twining harp and glissando guitar melodies gliding us through a special track.
  4. Aliglastafari 5'44 - mp3 1'17 / 1.1MB - A departed Glastonbury character, a devotee who was always full of often child-like positivity and smiles. This tranquil Santor, gliss and synth piece is dedicated to him.
  5. Merkaba 6.57 - MER = Counter Rotating Fields of Light, KA = Spirit, BA = Body. Welcome to Gilli and another of the standout tracks of this CD. It reminds me strongly of Gilli's contributions to 'Magenta' and 'Stroking the Tail of the Bird' as she leads us simultaneously inwards/outwards with what is really a guided meditation in words and sound. Have a Google if you want to know more of Merkabas.
  6. Sojourner 12'11 - A track of gentle daevid glissando guitar meanderings doing what only they can do, all within a complementary micro synth-scape setting.
  7. Bahair Bhairavi 7'00 - The circle is completed with the reintroduction of the sitar and flute adding the Indian feel and sound once more to the gliss and synth on the last track.
  • daevid allen {Glissando guitar}
  • Gilli Smyth {Vocal and Spacewhisper}
  • Jade {Harp and flute}
  • Peter Davidian {Sitar}
  • Dharma Dave {Santor}
  • Micro {Sound skulpture}