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artwork MicroCozmic
Sacred Geometry 4
No Meat Productions | 11.2011

available on Bandcamp

Mikey Cosmic's, "Music to nourish the Soul" with daevid allen, Steve Hillage, Jean-Philippe Rykiel, Gilli Smyth

Probably the best Sacred Geometry album to date. Mikey Cosmic has been at it again, recording when opportunity presents itself, going with the flow/against the flow, a bit of ducking 'n' diving and a lot of hard work. Without question he has come up with another very good album.

This time as well as transcendent glissando guitar from daevid we have Steve Hillage glissing and arpeggiating as only he can on 'Forever Glorious' and 'Stv_02', the first of which also features the one and only Jean-Philippe Rykiel. There are guest appearances from Mark Robson, Gilli Smyth and Harry Williamson.

You can only get this release from Planet Gong and from Mikey himself in Australia.

Also available: Sacred Geometry, Sacred Geometry 2, Sacred Geometry 3

Jewel case CD with 4 page booklet. Cover Mandala by Bridget Wishart once of Hawkwind.

Tracks: [48'11]
  1. Forever Glorious [13'12"]
  2. Resurrection of the Sun God [7'41"]
  3. Infinite Possibilities [8'48]
  4. Ley Ohlam [6'48"]
  5. Karuna [8'46"]
  6. Duality [6'12"]
  7. Stv 02 [4'05"]
  • Mark Robson {piano}
  • Gilli Smyth {spacewhisper}
  • Steve Hillage {electric guitar}
  • daevid allen {glissando guitar}
  • Krshna Sundari {flute}
  • Jean-Philippe Rykiel {yamaha CS01}
  • Harry Williamson {acoustic guitar}
  • Micro Cosmicos {synths and production}