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William Shatner
Seeking Major Tom (2CD)
Cleopatra CLP 4799 || 2011 || £18.00 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

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Steve Hillage guests on one track….

Extraordinary, it shouldn't work but it does

Yes it's as odd as you might think, but not for all the obvious reasons you may imagine. It's well known that William Shatner can't sing, he proved that with an LP in the 60's, and that of course he's a big hammy thespian. So an album of him covering a range of classic space themed, largely proggy songs with guest artists is at best a kitsch, fun item which you would probably play a track or two from and forget - right? Well no, it's not as simple as that, there seems to be something else going here as well, or at least there was for me.

I think it's about the iconic position (like it or not) Capt. Kirk holds for a certain age group, that linked with some of the best of the lyrics of classic songs, especially when they are of a metaphysical nature, does have an effect that is beyond curiosity. I have to say I have actually really enjoyed this release, even the clunkers (Bohemian Rhapsody - has to heard), and some like Silver Machine and Spirit In The Sky are wonderful. Rocket Man with Steve Hillage definitely falls into the positive category.

Housed in a four-fold digipak with CD trays and 8 page booklet

CD 1 [00'00']
  1. Major Tom [0.00] feat. Nick Valensi
  2. Space Oddity [0.00] feat. Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night
  3. In A Little While [0.00] fest Lyle Lovett
  4. Space Cowboy [0.00] feat. Brad Paisley and Steve Miller
  5. Space Trucking [0.00] feat. Ian Paice and Johnny Miller
  6. Rocket Man [0.00] feat. Steve Hillage
  7. She Blinded Me With Science [0.00] feat. Bootsy Collins and Patrick Morez
  8. Walking On The Moon [0.00] feat. Toots Hibbert
  9. Spirit In The Sky [0.00] feat. Peter Frampton
  10. Bohemian Rhapsody [0.00] feat. John Wetton
  11. Silver Machine [0.00] feat. Wayne Kramer and Carmine Appice
  12. Mrs. Major Tom [0.00] feat. Sheryl Crow
CD 2 [00.00]
  1. Empty Glass [0.00] feat. Michael Schenker
  2. Lost In The Stars [0.00] feat. Earnie Watts
  3. Learning To Fly [0.00] feat. Edgar Frosse
  4. Mr Spaceman [0.00] feat. Dave Davies
  5. Twilight Zone [0.00] feat. Warren Hayes
  6. Struggle [0.00] org. comp. by Shatner and Hamilton
  7. Iron Man [0.00] Zakk Wylde and Mike Inez
  8. Planet Earth [0.00] Steve Howe
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