planet gong bazaar

artwork Sentient
Live at the King Arthur, Glastonbury CD
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Steffe Sharpstrings sets musical sail off the edge of all known maps - where he blooms most.

Live and totally improvised

In Steffe we trust... Look here's the deal - if you want a full on avant/space-rock/psychedelic quite gloriously improvising outfit gathered around an extraordinary guitarist where no two moments let alone any two tunes are the same - then here it is. Steffe should be enlightening hundreds of recordings, maybe these adventurous live CDs could be the beginning of that process, I certainly hope so.

Of all the Gong Family musicians I have witnessed so many times over the decades Steffe is without doubt one of the most naturally talented. Didier Malherbe is actually part song-bird so 'sings' from the top-most branches but Steffe is not too far off. Now with these live CDs we can all experience it.

This release is a Paradigm Production by Steffe

Recorded by me on 16th May 2014.

Printed card sleeve.

Tracks [55.35]
  1. Embryonic
  2. The Gathering
  3. Animal Totem
  • Steffe Sharpstrings {Guitar/Synth, Vocals}
  • Gary 'Subs' Subassa {Bass}
  • Joie Hinton {Keyboards/Synths}
  • Tanya Horn {Drums}