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artwork Sentient
Live at the Real Music Club, Brighton CD
4 Zero Records FZ014 | 2013

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"Superb live improvisation, spacey and endlessly progressive, rhythmically advanced"

Wow, Steffe, Steve and Subs record their debut album on their debut gig! However, behind that brave and rather scarey fact lie months, (years in the case of Steffe and Steve) of regular sessions, jamming and musical explorations. Without doubt, as the evidence of your ears will reveal, they were primed and ready for this gig like a coiled spring.

Before hearing a note of the album I wrote this for some pre-sale wordage, "With most other bands I'd probably wait pass judgement - but with these three I'll stick my neck out and say be prepared to be seriously entertained, transported and generally tickled all over with new sounds". Now, after repeated listenings I am delighted to report that my faith has been more than amply rewarded - This is wonderful stuff, just listen to the samples.

As with all 4Zero releases to date this is a pressing of 1000.

Recorded by Sentient 14th July 2012. Mixed and mastered by the band.

They say:- Sentient are an entirely improvisational band - psychedelic in conception, with jazz elements, a tough groove with a definite nod towards funk and Afro beat (yes people will dance to them), and with strong trance flavours that are reminiscent of krautrock and Magma.

Improvised psychedelic music has its roots in the free festival movement - it's a mystery element, a fragile flower and does not always work… but what is captured on this recording has been described as the music of which you have always dreamed.

Graham Clark, ace violinist and Magick Brother says:- Steffe is extraordinarily melodic - beautiful sense of line.

Pack details unknown yet - probably a gatefold card sleeve.

Tracks [76.00]
  1. Awaken [19.50]
  2. On The Other Side [19.57] 1'32". / 1.4 MB
  3. Everything Makes a Difference [7.04] 1'37". / 1.5 MB
  4. Nearer [14.47] 1'48". / 1.7 MB
  5. A is for Anarchy [13.29] 1'30". / 1.4 MB
  • Steffe Lewry{Guitar, synth, vocals}
  • Steve Cassidy {Drums}
  • Gary 'Subs' Subassa {Bass}
Special Guest:
  • Gregg MeKella {Space Bubbles 4, 5}