planet gong bazaar
artwork Rich Goodhart + guests
Shaman Mirror Medicine Tree (2CD)
Beginner's Mind Productions BMP 0406-07 | 2010

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2 CD Collaboration with daevid allen (Gong), Jon Anderson (Yes) and others…

A progressive world-rhythm shamanic journey, with occasional soul-affirmative chants and spirit-cleansing healing sound meditations.

[Yesfans review]

Disc 1: Receiving The Medicine [61'25]
  1. Entering the Circle [9'50]
  2. Word from the Elders [4'45]
  3. On the Dark Sea of Awareness [7'52] -
  4. Weaving Luminous Strands [6'39] -
  5. Moon Ra (Chant of Awakening) [5'42]
  6. Shaman Mirror Medicine Tree [12'15]
  7. State of Grace [7'45] -
  8. Between Earth & Sky (In Praise of Creation) [6'37]
Disc 2: Presence of Being [48'44]
  1. In a Garden of Light (Bouzouki Meditation) [14'14]
  2. Earth Medicine Rhythm [8'20]
  3. Interlude: Where the Waters Run [2'09]
  4. Inner Temple Meditation (Tibetan Bowls) [10'22]
  5. A Good Day To Live (Thank You for This Life) [5'34]
  6. Good Love Coming [3'42] -
  7. Shadow Wings on Moonlit Waters [4'23]
  • Rich Goodhart {arranger, recordist, engineer and producer; vocals, instruments: dousongoni, sanza, bouzouki, dulcitar, Native American flutes, melodica, vocals, hand drums (frame drums, bendir, ashiko, djembe, doumbek, sogo, kidi, kanjira), talking drums, antique Tibetan bowls, Filipino buzz sticks, jaw harp, berimbau, shakers, tambourine, bells, hand claps, guiro, keyboards, drones}
Special Guests:
  • daevid allen (Gong) {glissando guitars on 'Entering the Circle' and 'Weaving Luminous Strands'}
  • Jon Anderson (Yes) {all vocals and lyrics on 'Good Love Coming'}
  • Jim Ballard {all vocals on 'Word from the Elders'}
  • David Macejka {frame drum on 'Between Earth and Sky' and 'Earth Medicine Rhythm'}
  • John Ragusa {flute, drum and vocals on 'Moon Ra'}
  • Kris Renta (Karmas Melody) {vocals on 'Moon Ra'}
  • Raji Nevin {vocals on 'Moon Ra'}