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Silver on the Tree

Morning Glory

Silver Branch/GAS CD013 (1996)

Beautiful acid-folk Celtic-pagan CD masterpiece, produced with daevid allen. Largely acappella with lush harmonies. A stunning debut with more clues to the energy underlying Glastonbury than anything else I've heard. Very special. 12 page illustrated, full lyric book.


  1. Morning Glory
  2. Trees
  3. Sun Queen
  4. Blood Mother
  5. Cailleagh
  6. Sarajevo
  7. Ana Ana
  8. Hazelwood
  9. Manannan
  10. Wych Elm
  11. Messiah
  12. Merry Meet


  • Tim Hall guitar, vocals, keyboards
  • Oshia Drury Appalachian dulcimer, vocals
  • Lydia Lite drums, percussion, vocals
  • Dreow Benne vocals
  • Viv Andreae mandolin, vocals
  • Sheena Johnson vocals, caloubet