planet gong bazaar
artwork Skydancer
Skydancer CD
Dakini Records DKRCD109 | 2017

The Invisible-Bole connection achieves lift-off and float.

Formed around the core of Brian Abbott and Jackie Juno of the Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet and multi-stringed Andy Bole.

An uplifting musical invocation

No drums, Gliss and acoustic guitar, Andy's loops, one track's lyrics crafted from the Sufi poet Rumi, another adapted from a poem by an 8th-11th century Yogini are the signposts that we are set for a gentler, more ambient journey - and that is exactly what unfolds for our enjoyment.

Gatefold card sleeve with 8 page full lyic booklet.

Tracks: [57'56]
  1. Shine [6'23] (Bole, Abbott, Juno)
  2. Here [4'14] (Bole, Abbott, Veasy)
  3. Peace By Piece [8'25] (Bole, Abbott, Juno)
  4. May Green. November Grey [6'08] (Bole, Abbott, Minchin, Juno, Veasy)
  5. Let Tere Be Dark [7'26] (Bole, Abbott, Juno)
  6. Silhouette Mountain [4'12] (Bole, Abbott, Juno)
  7. The Seven [8'03] (Bole, Abbott, Juno)
  8. I Am Because You Are [3'25] (Bole, Abbott, Juno, Buckland-Bork)
  9. Skydancer [9'24] (Bole, Abbott, Juno)
  • Andy Bole: {Loops, Guitar, Bass guitar, E-bow guitar,}
  • Brian Abbott: {Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Gliss Guitar, Slide Guitar}
  • Jackie Juno: {Vocals, Percussion, Darbuka}
  • Clive Buckland-Bork: {Bass}
  • Julian Veasy: {Keyboards}
  • Sally Minchin: {Violin}
  • Phil Whitehouse: {Bass}