planet gong bazaar




Dakini Records DKRCD109

The Invisible-Bole connection achieves lift-off and float. Formed around the core of Brian Abbott and Jackie Juno of the Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet and multi-stringed Andy Bole. An uplifting musical invocation. No drums, Gliss and acoustic guitar, Andy's loops, one track's lyrics crafted from the Sufi poet Rumi, another adapted from a poem by an 8th-11th century Yogini are the signposts that we are set for a gentler, more ambient journey - and that is exactly what unfolds for our enjoyment. Gatefold card sleeve with 8 page full lyic booklet.


  1. Shine Bole, Abbott, Juno
  2. Here Bole, Abbott, Veasy
  3. Peace By Piece Bole, Abbott, Juno
  4. May Green. November Grey Bole, Abbott, Minchin, Juno, Veasy
  5. Let Tere Be Dark Bole, Abbott, Juno
  6. Silhouette Mountain Bole, Abbott, Juno
  7. The Seven Bole, Abbott, Juno
  8. I Am Because You Are Bole, Abbott, Juno, Buckland-Bork
  9. Skydancer Bole, Abbott, Juno


  • Andy Bole: loops, guitar, bass, e-bow,
  • Brian Abbott: electric, acoustic, glissando, slide guitars
  • Jackie Juno: vocals, percussion, darbuka
  • Clive Buckland-Bork: bass
  • Julian Veasy: keyboards
  • Sally Minchin: violin
  • Phil Whitehouse: bass