planet gong bazaar



…and the beat goes OM…

Liquid Records LRCD001SB

Cool, bubbling psy-vibes from special Gong Unconvention 2006 guest. Slack Baba was one of Steve and Miquette's guest DJ's for the Saturday evening of dance/psy-trance at the Gong 2006 Unconvention - and listening to this CD you can hear exactly why. I love this album, it puts me right back in the Melkweg on THAT Saturday night.

People are either real true deep psychic voyagers, or they aren't - you can't fake it. You've put in the time (but what is time anyway?), you've chosen to risk/sacrifice/alter the the old brain cells, fire up those synapses in new ways and the result is there for all to hear. In a similar bubbling, dubby, cool tempo way that our own Steffe achieved with 'Bubbled Up on Dub' and 'Glo', Jonny Baba's album is the real mccoy.

To have gazed beyond and come back with sparkles of 'otherness' in eyes and hearts and then to make joyous music about it. If you yourself have peeked off the edge of the map to look at those uncharted lands you'll surely resonate with this music. And if you've trodden your own path out there - hey welcome home!


  1. A Drop in the Ocean
  2. Drink More Tea
  3. Sea of Green
  4. Long Sunny Daze
  5. The Golden Apple
  6. Metaron's Sugar Cube
  7. And The Beat Goes Om
  8. Fruit of Mahoot