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For To Next | And Not Or
Virgin CDVR2244|| 2007-02-26 (1982) || $ | | ¥ +p&p

Steve's 'last' album - the System 7 stepping stone? …1982 album digitally re-mastered.

This album contains two of my all time favourite Steve tracks - 'These Uncharted Lands', which the Steve Hillage Band played live for the first time ever at the Gong Unconvention in October 2006, and 'Before The Storm', which is a real proto System 7 track. In fact there are many aspects of this album which firmly point the way towards the birth of System 7. I know the jump from the 'guitar hero' Steve to System 7 seemed like a giant one to many people, but I've always felt that when you listen to this album and even parts of the 'Open' album the progression is a logical one.

But all that was then far off in the future, as aside from some guest appearances and perhaps some uncredited cameo touches to one of the many albums he produced throughout the 80's this album turned out to be pretty much the last we would directly hear from Steve for the best part of a decade until he and Miquette launched System 7 into the stratosphere.

As one enjoys getting re-acquainted with these albums all sorts of thoughts occur. One of the things lost in transfer to CD, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse are the breaks in the flow of the music imposed by the nature of the playback media used at the time the album was released i.e. you had get up and turn the original record over, and in the case of a double album such as this, dig out the second LP and put that on instead. I'm sure Steve was well aware of using the breaks that occurred in the process of listening to the albums while he complied the original LP running order, so for interest sake I have listed the tracks below under their two original titles. Another thing I noticed while writing this is that Miquette is credited with writing the track 'Red Admiral' - which seems to be only her second writing credit after Garden of Paradise on Rainbow Dome Music.

Jewel-case, stickered with small promo label on the back. With a 16 page illustrated booklet with loads of input from Steve himself. There is no room for any bonus material as the CD was already crammed with music.

Tracks: [79'04]
  • For To Next
    1. These Uncharted Lands [5'39] (Hillage/Giraudy)
    2. Kamikaze Eyes [4'50] (Hillage/Giraudy)
    3. Alone [5'22] (Hillage/Giraudy)
    4. Anthems For The Blind [4'30] (Hillage/Giraudy)
    5. Bright Future [5'08] (Hillage/Giraudy)
    6. Frame By Frame [5'53] (Hillage/Giraudy)
    7. Waiting [5'24] (Hillage/Giraudy)
    8. Glory [6'28] (Hillage/Giraudy)
  • And Not Or
    1. Before The Storm [7'07] (Hillage/Giraudy)
    2. Red Admiral [6'12] (Miquette Giraudy)
    3. Serotonin [5'37] (Hillage/Giraudy)
    4. And Not Or [6'27] (Steve Hillage)
    5. Knights Templar [4'33] (Allen/Howlett/Hillage)
    6. Still Golden (Steve Hillage)
  • Steve Hillage {Guitar, Polyphonic guitar synthesiser, Moog synthesiser, Glissando guitar, Voice}
  • Miquette Giraudy {Arps and EMS synthesisers, EMS Vocoder, Voice}