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Steve Hillage

Motivation Radio

Virgin CDVR2777 (2007 | 1976)

Funky 'Platos Voladores' meet a mother synth and journey beyond - "a dimensional window" …Steve's third album re-mastered and with 3 bonus tracks : 'Leylines To Glassdom (Tonto Version)', released as the promotional, or 'gig freebie', 7-inch single VDJ 23 in 1977, 'The Salmon Song' (Original 'Power Trio' backing track) and an alternate mix of 'The Golden Vibe', both previously unreleased. Produced by Malcolm Cecil of Tonto's Expanding Headband. Jewel-case, stickered with small promo label on the back. Includes a 16 page illustrated booklet of liner notes by Mark Powell with loads of input from Steve Hillage himself.

"We are going to make a journey to another part of yourself where there lies a timeless spaceless spark of purest golden light. As you can see, this is not a physical spaceship but a set of organized vibrations known as music."


  1. Hello Dawn Hillage/Giraudy
  2. Motivation Hillage/Giraudy
  3. Light in the Sky Hillage/Giraudy
  4. Radio Hillage/Giraudy
  5. Wait One Moment Hillage/Giraudy
  6. Sarching For The Spark Hillage/Giraudy
  7. Saucer Surfing Hillage/Giraudy
  8. Octave Doctors Steve Hillage
  9. Not Fade Away (Glid Forever) C.Hardin/N.Petty


  1. Leylines To Glassdom (T.O.N.T.O. version)
  2. The Salmon Song ('Power Trio' backing track)
  3. The Golden Vibe (Alternate Mix)